Creating a Positive Company Culture

Creating a Positive Company Culture

Constantine HRCHuman Resources is not just hiring, firing and keeping personnel files. It is creating and cultivating a positive work environment through the implementation of a solid HR foundation. Positive morale and company buy-in does not happen overnight.  Follow this article post to discover how to create a positive company culture in your company.

Create and Live By Policies

Well-written, company specific handbooks and policy manuals are imperative for open communication between employees and employers. Policy Manuals and Employee Handbooks should always demonstrate:

  • Fair & consistent employee treatment
  • Expectations of your employees
  • Safety policies and procedures
  • Company specific benefits
  • Your employees’ rights

Clearly Relate Your Expectations

Employees who claim to be disconnected with the company have more disciplinary issues and are less productive than those who are “in the know”.

First and most importantly, employees need clear direction and job duty expectations from their supervisor. This may be done in well written job descriptions or in less formalized formats such as hand written lists or memos.

The key is that the communication is two-way and that both parties are clear on the expectations and agree that they are realistic and that they can be met.

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