Put Employees at the Heart of Strategy

We have heard this before a million times – our best assets are our people. We all know this already, but how often do we neglect this most fundamental value of the HR process when we come to develop our strategic plan?

Your organization can cultivate the finest strategy your industry has ever seen, but it will not get off the ground if your employees are not ready to implement it.

Do they fully understand the reasons behind the process, and not just the process itself?
Have you allocated enough time to their training and development so that they are capable of executing your business plan?

The first step is communicate the fine print of your strategy to your talent base. Do not just explain how, but explain why. “We are introducing X because of Y,” is a technique that can concrete your employees at the heart of your plan.

High performance from your employees is crucial if you want to influence them to be the core of your strategic plan. Encourage learning, provide strategy training and be available to answer questions.

They will not work for you if you do not work for them, too.

The SHRM credits employee engagement as an important tactic when executing company strategy, and allocates outlines three different stages of engagement: [1] 1. Physical – “Employees exert high levels of energy to complete their work tasks.”
2. Emotional – “Put their heart into their job, have a strong involvement in their work and a sense of the significant of it, and feel inspired and challenged.”
3. Cognitive – “Employees forget about everything else when doing their job and become fully engrossed in it.”

To allow your strategy to flourish, each of these three traits must be visible in your employees at some stage. Assess their development and work tactics, and they lacking in one or two areas?

If so, your strategy cannot be exploited to the fullest degree and your employees are not at the heart of your plan.
Above all else, they must fully believe in your strategy for it to be successful.

If they are not passionate about it, then they are not passionate about the business. If they do not believe it is a worthwhile strategic, then either it has not been explained properly or they know something you do not.

Communication is key, engagement is imperative and team work is indispensable. If you are lacking in any of these areas, your strategy is wasted.

Nicole D. Le Maire is the proud CEO of The People Engine Ltd. with the brands New To HR [http://newtohr.com], Human Resources Global and is an internationally recognised #GlobalHR revolutionary. After leaving the corporate workforce as an international HR Director (entrepreneurial streak) and having gained global experience whilst living/working in over 30+ countries with companies, Nicole set up her business to support you, your team and your business truly going global.

1. Society of Human Resource Management – “Developing an Employee Engagement Strategy”

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