Training and Seminars

Training and Seminars

Stephanie Constantine, a certified trainer, offers on and off site training and seminars to train your supervisors and staff in areas of legal compliance and in employee relation issues. Her training style is upbeat, interactive and fun!

Topics may be presented individually lasting 45 minutes to an hour or may be combined to be presented in full day training sessions.

Stephanie also speaks at conferences, social and civic events, and luncheons.  Whatever your training requirements or interests, she will accommodate.

Training and Seminar Topics Offered by Constantine HRC


Stephanie Constantine

“Hourly or Salaried? Overtime or not?
Is it Child Labor?”
Compliance with Wage and Hour and FLSA regulations

“Why Won’t They Listen to Me?”
Encouraging Teamwork and Motivating Difficult Employees

“Why Don’t They Think Like Me”
Understanding different learning and management styles.

“OOPS..Was I Supposed to Ask That?”
Legally Recruiting, Interviewing and Hiring.

“Can I Fire Him Now?”
Legally disciplining and terminating and keeping out of the courtroom.

“That’s Not Fair!”
Avoiding harassment and retaliation claims

“Don’t Touch Me!”
Identifying sexual harassment and avoiding sexual harassment claims.

“Why Performance Appraisals are a Waste of Time”
Turn the pitfalls of giving performance appraisals into motivational tools.


Stephanie Constantine

“The Absenteeism Triangle…ADA, FMLA, Workers’ Compensation”
A review of each regulation and how they work in accordance with each other and your absenteeism policy.

“Making the Right Decision at and Away from Work”
Ethics, Conflicts of Interest….determining right from wrong.

“Paperwork Matters”
What paperwork needs to be completed for employees and where does it go?

“Ten HR Blunders”
Avoid the 10 most common HR mistakes.

“What’s in Your Employee Handbook?”
Which policies and procedures need to be included in an employee handbook and why.

“Hiring, Firing and Everything In-Between”
From the interview process through separation…what to do and how to do it.

“Thanks for the Promotion, Now What Do I Do?”
First time supervisory training includes all areas of legal compliance and employee morale.

Constantine Human Resources also
Provides a Variety of Safety Training

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