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The Audit and Compliance Maze

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Is Human Resource Management confusing you?  Do you need an expert review of your current human resource management policies and practices?

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The Compliance Maze

Wage and Hour / FLSA

Should your employees be compensated by the hour or should they be salaried? Are they exempt or non-exempt from overtime pay? Are they employees or contractors?

Health Care/PPACA

Are you required to offer health care insurance for your employees and their dependents? What plans are acceptable under the new Health Care law?

Immigration Regulations/E-Verify

Are your I-9 forms completed properly with verification of proper identification? Are you using the Federal E-Verify System as required by law in certain states and for certain companies?

Family and Medical Leave

What is your obligation to employees? Do you have to continue pay and benefits? When can you discharge someone on FMLA?

Personnel Files

Do your personnel files contain required information? Are you keeping personnel and payroll files for the legal time-period? Is there information in personnel files that isn’t supposed to be there?

OSHA/Workers’ Compensation

Are you required to complete annual OSHA Logs or have a drug free workplace program in place? Is it illegal to fire someone who is on workers' comp?


Does your company need to be in compliance? Are you keeping employee and client medical information confidential?


Do you send timely notices to employees and their dependents informing them of their rights to continue insurance after loss of insurance occurs


Is your company in compliance with the Americans Disability Act? Do your job descriptions meet ADA requirements? Are your hiring practices in compliance with the ADA?