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Alabama Press Release

Alabama Press Release For Immediate Release: March 20, 2020 Alabama to Waive Employer Charges for COVID-19 Related Claims State Urging Employers to File Claims on Employees’ Behalf MONTGOMERY – Alabama Department of Labor Secretary Fitzgerald Washington has temporarily ordered that relief be offered to employers whose employees must file unemployment compensation claims for weeks filed…
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Notice to Employees

SAMPLE NOTICE TO EMPLOYEES – 3/20/2020 This information is subject to change as the final DOL recommendations have not been distributed.  Emergency Sick Pay will pay up to 80 hours of regular pay at 100% up to $511/day and $5,110 aggregate) for the following: The employee is subject to a quarantine or isolation ordered by…
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Training and Seminars

Stephanie Constantine, a certified trainer, offers on and off site training and seminars to train your supervisors and staff in areas of legal compliance and in employee relation issues. Her training style is upbeat, interactive and fun! Topics may be presented individually lasting 45 minutes to an hour or may be combined to be presented…
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Put Employees at the Heart of Strategy

We have heard this before a million times – our best assets are our people. We all know this already, but how often do we neglect this most fundamental value of the HR process when we come to develop our strategic plan? Your organization can cultivate the finest strategy your industry has ever seen, but…
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Your On Demand Expert

Your Expert Human Resource Manager   Do you ever wish you had your very own on-call expert human resource manager? Constantine HRC Services is available when you need us to answer tough Human Resource Management questions. We can help you reduce or avoid the possibility of claims or law suits. Constantine HRC Professional Services On…
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Creating a Positive Company Culture

Creating a Positive Company Culture Human Resources is not just hiring, firing and keeping personnel files. It is creating and cultivating a positive work environment through the implementation of a solid HR foundation. Positive morale and company buy-in does not happen overnight.  Follow this article post to discover how to create a positive company culture…
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