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1956-J University Blvd. S. #329
Mobile, AL 36609
Telephone: (251) 508-3883
EMail:  Stephanie Constantine

Regardless of the number of employees you have on staff, Constantine Human Resource Consulting can help you meet your Human Resource Management goals and objectives by taking the mystery out of legal compliance.

Stephanie Constantine is a Professional Human Resource Consultant, and President of Constantine Human Resource Consulting, LLC.

Contact Stephanie today for additional information, or to set up an initial consultation.

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In addition to assisting and guiding employers in legal compliance, Constantine HRC works with business owners to develop policies and action plans that result in increased employee proficiency and morale.

Contact Constantine HRC, LLC and let us insure that your company is correctly identifying and complying with the complexities of employment law, and all human resource requirements.


Stephanie Constantine

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